Eharmony Dating Site

Eharmony Dating Site
Dominant Members Age 25 - 34
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 55%
Price $10.45
Our Overall Score

Eharmony web site is the astonishing dating place where you can find your perfect other! Though it was created in 1998, it is still extremely popular among the members of average age of about 25 - 34 years old. The gender mix is balanced - 55%/45%, which allows both males and females to make the desired matches.

Every month at approximately 1.3M users visit on Eharmony site.
Besides Eharmony has affordable starting price from $10.45, and Non Stop Support Team. Owing to these beneficial peculiarities, Eharmony's we rate it so high (3.81). So, if you would like to use the mobile friendly dating site with the popular payment options, come to Eharmony and enjoy it!

Main Features

  • Big dating pool
  • People who don't follow the rules can be removed
  • Premium accommodation during the romance tours
  • High-level personalization

Pros & Cons

  • Most girls speak at least some English
  • No personal information sheet needed to be filled out
  • Free and premium features
  • Has an actual phone number to call for inquiries
  • One of the very first companies to make matchmaking services available through the internet
  • People who don't follow the rules can be removed
  • High-level personalization
  • It's harder to find educated girls than in other Latin countries
  • No immediate match suggestions upon signing up
  • Most features are paid
Kali Marquardt
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