Kali Marquardt

Kali Marquardt

Kali Marquardt is one of the newest writers on our board. However, her articles are already recognized by numerous dating experts. She has an Asian origin and has traveled a lot across the Asian continent. Her materials about dating in these countries contain the most actual and useful information for lonely people seeking their destiny there. All the data is based on her own experience and knowledge, so her tips and communication methods are really productive.
Additionally, she met her husband from the USA on one of the dating websites. Today, she lives with him and raises children. Nobody knows the online dating process better than her. Kali Marquardt studies psychology and gender dynamics. She works with international couples, helping them to solve the most popular problems like misunderstandings and jealousy. With her great experience in relationships, Kali makes a wonderful contribution to writing for our website.

Articles Written By Kali Marquardt

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